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Someone just put a ring on my finger.

A ring of gold, shining bright yellow,

With the name of that someone on it, bold and polished.

A strong ring, bolder, bigger,

Than it actually looks, and the yellow glow,

Having the aura of being something special, to be cherished,

For a life-time, forever,

On my right hand, nowhere else it will go!

A promise, that I will have it embellished,

With her hand or hair, sooner or later,

When she rests on me, when I will show,

The love, in my heart, which I had preserved,

For her so long. Sooner or later,

The moment to which I will grow,

Will come, and I stand unprepared,

My bones trembling to shatter,

Like a boy 5 year old,

Gazing at a raging sea for the first time, battered.

The ring reminds me now the bitter

Side of what it means to throw

Myself into the sea of promises, I did

See the ring slides in easier,

But its hard to remove.

The skin under it, pale as dead.

It squeezes my finger,

Where now I see my head, and the squeezed neck below,

The responsibilities keeping my neck squeezed,

I need to be stronger,

To face the unexpected, I need to grow,

The greatest fear is from the unexpected,

To face the biggest fear,

I need to stand strong,

Just like the great mountains, never stirred,

By the storms, forever.

With the words that “No,

I wont fall back, no matter what. As I promised,

I will be there, forever.

No trying situation, can give a blow,

To my determination, that I will have it embellished,

With your hair, your fingers, forever,

When you need me. Together we will glow

As for each other, we were destined.

Our rings will glow together,

And your right hand, I will hold,

With mine, and see their shine, as with love they are polished!


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