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Posted: July 24, 2011 in Blog Fundamentals!, Uncategorized

The insanity is too much. Adults won’t handle it, leave alone the kids…
This blog is maintained by a crazy, mentally unstable human being who has no other job except for poking his nose wherever he must not. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead if found, please ignore. No one is going to take pains to read the loooong posts in this blog to find out the resemblences. You found it, its by chance. Feel free to keep quiet about it so that no one else knows.



Firstly, before you waste time reading the whole thing and then banging your head saying that this was not what you were looking for, allow me to let you know what this blog is all about.

This blog is not a place where you will get instructions for searching anything, let it be things in the internet (c’mon, are you lame enough for instructions on how to ‘google’ things out?), or anything in your backyard, attic, kitchen or your messy bedroom. This blog is all about me, and my profession.

Now if you are someone who understood that this blog is not of any use to you, but still are a curious person, the next question pops up in your mind, ‘Why will someone write a whole blog about his profession? Is this guy going nuts?’ In this point of time, you will find yourself in a position that the sole motive of your life is finding the answer to those questions, or must I say ‘Searching…‘ for an answer to those questions. Well, it is for morons like you that I am taking pains to write this blog. I will answer those questions in steps.

First of all, if you are still reading this, I am happy to find people of the same vibration as mine. Yes, you guessed it, we are all equally nuts. I think this answers your second question. Now, for the answer of the first question, I must tell you what my profession is. I am a searcher, and I search. What do I search? Well, certainly not for your stuff. I search for my keys, my attire, my mobile phone, my books, my documents, my girlfriend’s photos, all the data associated or not associated with my hobbies, the reason for my existence, why does things go the way they are, and not the other way, and a lot more things. Now, if you look closely, or even if you don’t, you will understand that all these things are done by almost everyone. Well, ya… most of the girls do not search for their girlfriend’s photos, they have boyfriends. Most of them…

The point in your mind will be, hey, these are done by everyone, and these are things done every day, involuntarily. Ya, ya, you all will think like that, but I am different. I am a guy who takes these things seriously. (Don’t laugh!) These things are the pillars of your well-being, your happy life.

As I have told you what my profession is, I got to tell you how my profession goes about, how I work. The working methodology is simple to say, even simpler to hear, but very hard to bring it to action. I think in the way which is not traditional. I do things in different ways. Whatever situation I come across, I do not refer the ‘books’. Rather, my instincts are my commanders. Once I think or do something in one way, I gain some experience, which has to be a bad one. Bad experience? No, never, because it is an experience. I used to give the adjective good or bad to that word before I started searching the reason for it. From whatever search I had done till now, I got to know that no experience is bad, because experience gives you lessons for the next thing you are going to do, even if they are not related. If you get some experience from some work, and if you face such a situation again, you will do the same work, in a better way.

So, there you have one truth of life, no experience is bad. Hope you people profited something from this long intro. If you like that, you will be happy to know that there is more coming, watch out for more posts, keep track of my moves!

So, dear like-minded people, I am AJ, and this is my first blog post. Currently I am sitting in Patna, Bihar. I was touring the villages in Bihar in connection with my hobby. Just think about it, who would have ever thought that I will be writing my first blog post sitting in Bihar?

My hobby is working for a Company. I simply love that Company, and I would do anything for it. It has taught me a lot of things, which I will talk about in the coming posts. This Company has given me the perfect set of situations to continue my profession, and my profession has flourished a lot under this Company.

So, dear friends, I think it’s time for me to sleep. Its 12:50am. Hope you had fun. Wish you all the best,