My Take on Ban on India’s Daughter

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

To all my dear friends who think that the Govt is being ruthless by banning India’s Daughter, here’s my take:
This is all a game by US and UK to stall the growth of India as a super power. The timing of the documentary is suspicious. Exactly when the Indian PM office is propagating its stand on Make in India, and the Indian Government is in talks with other Governments. Now whenever our representative asks a govt to invest with them in India, their representatives can easily insult us, saying, “To heck with investment in defence, go protect your daughters first!”
While these outside media funded by jealous/ambitious governments went ahead with the smear campaigns, many of the most revered Indian citizens, including actors, politicians, idols from many walks of life, helped them (unknowingly, and sometimes to gain mileage/fame) in their work to tarnish India.
Does anybody know that UK hs been a venue for countless horrific rapes, not just in the dark ages, but also in the 21st century? No. Nobody does. Everyone is content when they think that it is one of the safest place for women. An illusion, if you ask me.
How did they qualify themselves to point fingers against my country? HOW DARE THEY…? Your forefathers have relentlessly raped and plundered us for about one and a half centuries for God’s sake, ISN’T THAT ENOUGH?
Here’s my stand on what to do of these inhuman rapists. If you ask me, I would suggest stripping them naked, tying them spread-eagle to some place (poles, struts) so that people can see, and when they get hungry standing there, cutting their scrotum off and feeding them along with a dash of masala. After that, lets give them a deep gash on their penis, and let them either bleed to death, or let the vultures or crows feast on them… let’s do something like this and stop this inhuman madness by a few morons, rather than letting some outside power letting a smear campaign loose on OUR Nation. Let us not let someone from outside break the sovereignty of our Constitution by breaking our rules and do it for the bad of our nation. In short, what I meant to say is, THEY RAPED US IN FRONT OF THE WORLD, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!
We condemn Pakistan when they fire from their end every now and then. This is the British way of “violating ceasefire”. Enjoy the 21st century war methodology using the ultimate weapon, media! An effective tool can be a deadly weapon in wrong hands, and the British just proved it, showing their firepower!




PS:  I know, bad English! I tried to rape the language in protest of their heinous act, but looks like I am not a good rapist after all! 😛


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