Who am I? – Part 1

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

This question has always been taking rounds in the empty space in my head (You guessed it right, the space where the brain is supposed to be). They say that life is something where you have to discover, but they never say what. Peace? Prosperity? Fountain of Youth?

I do not want to claim that I am very old and I have attained wisdom. I will be lying in a worse fashion compared to politicians.  But I write out of despair, I write out of the need, I write because I just don’t understand, literally. I’ve heard people saying a lot of definitions regarding life, an example being “life is what comes between birth and death”. Really?

Are we just folks who live just to die? Is life a wait for death to come? There is, obviously a difference between us and dogs, but hey, aren’t we simply living a dog’s life? Waky waky in the morning, study or go to work, make money, meet people, eat, doze off for some time, start work again/run here and there mindlessly in the office, drink some stuff, eat more, exercise, be with family, have fun with friends, mate, have kids and sleep at night. Dogs do the same. Wake up, hunt or learn to hunt for food, meet other dogs, eat, take a nap, run helter-skelter, drink, eat, do some sparring with others(exercise), be with family, have fun, mate, have off-springs, sleep. Everything, except for the dress and shelter part, is just the same.

My question is, do we require this entire struggle-o-mania we are into? Is it necessary to be what we all are now (the working class)? Do we really have to follow the pack? Yeah, the answer is no. All right Mr. Know-it-all, tell me one thing. If you know the answer, why the!@#$%^&* are you still being what you are, a follower? Why do you need to be such a dumb guy who still is having that feeling of save, save, save, and try making life better? And what if it reaches that better condition? You try to make it even better. In the process, we forget to live. We forget to enjoy those moments in life where you have to have some quality time, with your loved ones, or with yourself.




A Sequel Follows… Stay tuned

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  1. praveena211 says:

    Nice post 🙂 We always forget to savor our present moment striving for a better life.I feel that the title

    is irrelevant to the content.

  2. praveena211 says:

    Nice post 🙂 We always forget to savor our present moment striving for a better life. I feel

    that the title is irrelevant to the content even after reading it for three times.

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