Thank you Sir!

Posted: July 27, 2011 in My Experiences...

Hi, how are you People? Well I am not fine, if you ever mind asking me that question, and I am writing this post to be all right… For your information, I started this blog so that I will feel finer every-time I post some meaningless article in here. To be a biiit more clear, my senior asked me the big question one day (and that is last Monday), “Do you Blog?” I said yes. “What do you blog?”. I was blank. Not because I didn’t know the answer of the question, but because I didn’t understand the question at the first place…

Well, as a normal guy who just uses his computer to google out a few things of my concern, or may be chat with some of my folks around the world, I have never blogged. The time when I thought that I must start blogging was not even a week before; at that time, I just thought that a blog is just a place where you can give out whatever you have within yourself, not with you.

I asked him, “duhh… Sir, can you please specify the question?” This I did to buy some time, but I never knew that this would reveal a truth to me about something, which is viral among the youth, which is blogging. He said, “I think you are not so updated about blogging. I’ll give you a live example. I have a blog named ********** (I didn’t delete the name, I forgot it. I don’t mind telling the name if I could remember it…) which sells people a lot of ways, ideas to make money. I blog ideas and resources for the same. Now, tell me, what do you blog?”

I heard a flashover inside my brain; it just caught something, a new result. A search started, and it ended just from the place it started, my senior’s mouth… Well, I seriously didn’t ever know that a verb blogging had another meaning, which is selling. I never knew that a blog is used for commercial purposes. Well, one more truth revealed…

But I still couldn’t answer the question, this time, its not because I didn’t understand the question, and certainly not because I didn’t know the answer to it… I didn’t reply, just because I knew the clarity of my answer, I knew that I cannot speak about what I ‘blog’ to him. But hey, I can tell it to you folks, but don’t tell it to anyone.

The answer is (drdrdrdrrdrdrdrdr) “Frustration”. Yes, when I am frustrated, I sit in front of my laptop, and I start venting out the frustration on its delicate keyboard, and that’s what you see. I vent out my frustration into something or the other through this keyboard (usually a word file). A friend of mine happened to read my frustrations one day, and that friend told me, “Why don’t you blog it?”Since long, I  have always thought that blogging is just a place where you can store all kinds of crap that you write so that people can come and see them. I verified that when that friend of mine suggested.  Well, I never thought it was such a powerful tool… Thank you sir…


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